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Happy endings !!

Happy endings !!! Is there anything like that which exist in real life. Isn’t it very subjective thing ?

Most of the time our wants and expectations from things, relationships and people are so high that in reality we think everything ends abruptly. It so happens with us sometimes that end of a novel or a movie leaves us wanting for more. It is only in hindsight we realize that it was the logical end, happy or otherwise.

“The end” when you least expect, will always come with element of surprise and shock.  It will depend more on how you take it, accept it and deal with it.


Questions !!!

What am I doing here? Is there any purpose? If there is any purpose, why am I wondering like a nomad? Who brought me here and for what?

What am I suppose to do now? Karma? What for? Why? And most importantly how?

Nobody asked for my permission before getting me here !! No talks, discussion, consent. Nothing. Now why should I follow the rules? Rules? Who made these rules? Society? Who gave them right to decide what I am suppose to do? What is good and what is right? Why should I follow the definition of right and wrong by the society.

Is society perfect after it defined right and wrong? Has rules and law made this world better place? No? Then why should I fucking follow them.

In search of answer…

मुजमे एक आवाझ है ऐसि,
सांसे बेखबर, खबर रुह (soul) को जिस्की.

भीद मे इस तन्हाइ के सबब (reason) क्या है?

बूंदो कि इस प्यास के अतित (history) क्या है?

अतुट है जब पर्छाइ (shadow) तो रात के अंदाझ क्या है?

झिंदगि है जुआ (gambling) तो हार के मलाल (regret) क्या है?

How to say NO….?

If you’re reading this to find the answer of this question den m sorry to disappoint you,
Because I am also in search of the answer….

It seems very simple but most of us know how difficult it is….!! I am sure everyone must have faced this problem as to how to say NO, unless you’re like me who finds it very difficult owing to the particular kind of nature.

When it comes to do something against our beliefs or value system, the mind goes for a toss…. There is nothing black or white; everything is in the shades of grey….

99% of the time, the world is not going to stop if we say NO to someone, but the problem is that we overlook that 99% and go for the remaining 1%….

Hai koi jawab….. How to say NO…..???