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Hall of Fame

Its pointless to create the list of all time great songs as I am still discovering the music and this will not even be a drop in the ocean. I dont know how many incarnations will I take to thoroughly go through and enjoy the music that we as a human have created but this is out of some drops that came my way. I know may be 5, 10 or 15 years from now, many songs will be out of here and many new will find its place here but its really not about the lists as much as its about the music that has touched my life and the times in which I am living, what infuences my moods, personality and my understanding of life, relationships, spirituality and philosophy.

The numbers are just to maintain the sequence and does not convey the ranking. After the first 20 songs there is one song which is ”The Song” and in the end some special mentions which also are close to my heart.

1. Still haven’t found what I am looking for by U2

I think this is probably the story of every individual in this world including me. One of the best U2 track and with very meaningful lyrics and literally pushes you to think after listening. has a dash of philosophy and spirituality to it.

2. I wanna know what the love is by Foreigner

Lesser known track by the lesser known band. It wasnt really a first time liking about the song, was listening to this song on VH1 for quite some time and kind of liked it but it was only after I got this in my MP3 playlist and started understanding the song and its high quality in terms of meaning and class. Simply superb. The chorus in the end takes me to the state of trance. Bliss. Liberating.

3. All I want is Love by U2

Love song with typical touch of U2. Fan of the opening of this song with those guitar tabs followed by the voice of Bono. Again the concludint part of the song has an uncanny ability to transform you to the state of trance from here and now.

4. Heaven by Brian Adams

Brian Adams, one of the first western artist through which i got introduced to the western music. This song can find its place in any list which one would try to compile for the worlds best love songs. Simplicity at its best. Its a vintage Brian Adams song.

5. November Rain by Guns and Roses

Awarded Music video of the decade for the 90’s by Mtv. One more example of the great love song in the rock formate. Its a high point for me when the song reaches ”So if you want to love me then darlin’ don’t refrain”. Its a class apart.

6. Apni marji se by Jagjit Singh

Written by poet Nida Fazli and sung by Jagjit Singh this ghazal presents the essence of life. I know we all like to be positive and optimist about life but deep inside we all know ”apni marji se kaha apane safar ke hum hai, rukh hawao ka jidhar ka hai udhar ke hum hai”. I remember this ghazal have such a simple but powerful words that after listening sometimes the mind goes numb. I dont know why but sometimes I feel there is touch of geeta saar (bhagvad geets) in some of the lines in this ghazal.

7. Ranjish by Mehdi Hasan

Written by Ahmed Faraz and sung by Mehdi Hasan is agrguably the best ghazal ever. Typical urdu ghazal with very heavy and difficult to understand words but once you know the meaning of these words and get hold of the emotions captured by the lines you will fall for it. All ghazals are companion of loneliness but this one is little more then that.

8. Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen

Awesome awesome love song by this artist who is more known for the pop and soft rock touch to its music. Talkin of girls, this is the song.

9. You were always on my mind by Elvis Presley

Old rock and roll song but since the days of Fali the RJ and those Friday Night love show, this song is stuck on my mind. What a great voice this man was gifted, brilliant. a simple yet so intriguing love song.

10. Pehla Nasha OST Jo Jita Wahi Sikandar by Udit Narayan Composer : Jatin Lalit

Only one word, Nostalgia. My first fav song. Since the time I started remembering things as an individual I think this is the first song I liked and I got to know what is music. what is song? This is the song I wanted to listen again and again and then one fine day I realise that I really like the song. I can say this affair with music has roots in this song. Such a refreshing song. I really dont know how to desrcribe this thing but this is the song which started everything.

11. Wish you were here by Pink Floyd

Old Pink Floyd track before Syd Berrat had to leave the band. I like it for the composition and lyrics. Pink Floyd tracks has ability to leave you speechless and it takes time to come out of that mood long after you have heard it. Arguably the best Pink Floyd song of the old era.

12. High Hopes by Pink Floyd

Heard the phrase ‘Floyd and Vodka’? NO? Go drink vodka and listen to high hopes. Mind blowing, mind numbing, flabbergasting, hell of a track. Almost patented style of Pink Floyd kind of music, start with low note with plain thought provoking music followed by some random lyrics and ends on a very very high note.

13. Comfortably Numb (Guitar Solo) by Pink Floyd

Ranked 4th on all time great guitar solo by the rolling stone magazine is personally all time best guitar solo. Experiance in it self. It literally makes me say that David Gilmour is God. Go figure.

14. Guncha by Mohit Chouhan

I dont why it took such long for mohit to be successful. Its a pity that we dint really recognized Mohits music when he was part of Silk Route and it was only after he came to limelight by singing some mainstream bollywood song that we recognized his efforts. I think the first album Boondein by Silk Route is as good as any other successful album in Indian music industry. Guncha means bunch of flowers. Its a terrific attempt at creating a ghazal by Mohit and his band. Who would say its complete composition by Mohit if anyone listens it for the first time. Its genre in itself.

15. Hysteria by Def Leppard

First I liked this song for the voice of Def Leppard, then the music, then lyrics, then the entire feel of the song. Never really knew when it made it to the list of my all time favorite tracks. One of the best opening beats in this list of songs.

16. Tum ko dekha to by Jagjit Singh

Written By Javed Akhtar and sung by Jagjit Singh. There are some songs which you start liking after the emotions displayed in them becomes real in your own life. This is the reason I never saved any photo. ”Tum chale jaoge to ye sochenge…..” If your in solitude and with certain kind of mood these lines are sure to give you lump in your throat. Nothing more to say.

17. Tujse naraz nahi by Anoop Ghoshal and Lata Mangeshkar

Gulzar at it best. One more song which capture lifes philosophy so beautifully in so less words. I am yet to come across a person who doesnt like this song. Jine ke liye socha hi nahi dard sambhalne honge…!!!!

18. Coming back to life by Pink Floyd

I think this is the first Pink Floyd track that I listened and liked it at the first go and my affair with Pink Floyd started with this. Typical David Gilmour. Beautiful lyrics, electronic guitar in the hands of David and you have magic in your ears.

19. Learning to fly by Pink Floyd

Madness, random, abstract. some of the adjectives to describe this awesome track by Pink Floyd. One of the best track of modern Floyd. More then anything else I like it for the lyrics. Sometimes this track perfectly describes the state of the mind and beautifully reflects on the life.

20. Kandisa by Indian Ocean
Pure, devine, soulful. This is like water flowing in the jungle. Such a pure sound of music. Its very rare that Indian band creates such a soulful music and as usual its a pity that we have not done justice to Indian Ocean in terms of recognizing their work. It still is niche in the music fraternity in India but that can not take away any shine out of that. One of my all time favorite.

# The Best Ever

There are songs and there is With Or Without You. This is immortal, beyond time. Its not very often that a song is written, composed and emotions are captured in such a way that it simply defies the era in which it was made possible. This song will still be best even after 1000 years if we were to be here. It makes you pause, think and listen to it till the last note fades away. This is the song for all time, all season, all emotions. It is simple yet so complex. Its ultimate plea for peace of mind. I have been listening to this for almost ten years now and this has been with me like a best buddy. Its 4.56 minutes pure sensation. There were never a song like this and there never will be.

Special mention…

– Justaju jiski thi by Asha Bhonsle
– Slave to love by Brian Ferry
– Wicked Game by Chris Isaac
– Have I told you lately by Lionel Richie
– I’d love you to want me by Lobo
– Friday night I am in Love by The Cure
– Shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd
– Sabse piche hum khade by Mohit Chouhan
– Chandni Ratein by Shamsha Kanval
– Boondein by Silk Route
– Ajeeb Dastaan hai ye OST Dil Apna Preet Parayi (Old Hindi Movie)
– Baawra Mann by OST Hazaro Khwahishe Aisi – Swanand Kirkire
– Sar ki ye hai pahar by Strings
– Where the street have no name by U2