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The Untold Saga

The other day I found myself without pen in the lecture and I had to borrow it (how pathetic) from someone else. It wasn’t for the first time but this incident made nostalgia struck me like a seawave, the whole affair…. the intimate and one of a kind with the beautiful thing called PEN.

There have been myriad of experiences with the pen.
I was never a brand conscious or never cared to think of using any other colour then ubiquitous blue… Until one day when I was in class 9th when one of my teacher after so called analysis of my writing suggested to use a black pen… According to her, placing of words and distance between two words in my writing meant that I have lot of things running in my mind and I am not able to express myself and this kind of writing will look good in black….
I am still wondering what she meant by this but since then I am using only black pen….

There was a time in school when I tried all kinds and types of pens be it gel or ink or ball point, but finally I settled for ball point pen and that too only Mitsubishi black ( I know its a news for many people that Mitsubishi also makes pen.)
I am religiously using Mitsubishi pens for past almost 10 years. Its funny but I used to tell my friends in school childishly that if this company stops making the pen, I will stop writing….!! And still when I meet those friends they curiously ask me “Do you still use Mitsubishi black pen?” only to get a big smile from me….

One honest confession…. the secret is out now….
Not many people know this but I used to collect empty refills of my black pen…. I still have those…. and here I am laughing at it…. bizarre it was….

There is one more interesting aspect about me and my pens…. I keep losing them… I really hate someone asking me for my pen because noone bothers to return it.
My college library was one unforgettable place for me where I had lost more then 50 pens in 5 years and I used to wonder how to react when the librarian herself used to ask for pen….

After so much blabbering about pen, how can I forget the PENCIL….? NO matter who the person is, he or she must have had pencil in the hand at first attempt of writing in his or her lyfe…. The journey starts from here…. so all you educated, learned, intelligent people out there should express your gratitude towards pencil… Lolz…

I was shopping for books and landed up in stationary section of the store and out of curiosity bought one box of pencil because it’s been ages since I have bought a pencil. I used to take it from my cousins studying in school whenever I needed one so I never knew that simple thing like pencil have been hit so hard by inflation and became expensive…)

When I was in school there were two major brands of pencil, Natraj and Apsara… and I never liked Natraj because it came in red colour and preferred Apsara because of its black and silver colour. And I dint quite understood the technicality of types and kinds of pencils such as HB HP and what not… I preferred HP because to me it simply meant Hitesh Patel….

I still prefer writing with pencil wherever possible because I just love the sound of friction between graphite and paper while writing…. I can’t get enough of it….

Interestingly I never liked any sophisticated penpencil and enjoyed simple traditional wooden pencil and yes I hate pencil with eraser on top…. it looks ugly….
Pencil – A thin graphite stick covered with wood, as simple as that, right….? Wrong, as a small kid I used to wonder how the hell they put this black thing inside the wood…. Lols….

BTW have you ever wondered sharpening the pencil is an art and the waste that comes out as a result of sharpening can tell you lot about your skill and the quality of the pencil….

Isn’t it amazing…. what say……?

That’s it for the time being about this untold saga. Time for you to refresh the memories entwined around omnipresent pen and pencil in your lyfe…. meanwhile ill go and sharpen my pencil….