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Muje change chahiye……

Yeah…. I need change…….. of 100/- or 500/- or may be 1000/-

It seems strange and funny but true… As usual I don’t understand why I run out of change every time, everywhere…….

Having change in my wallet is like a luxury for me, owing to my poor track record of having change, which causes embarrassment at general stores to even at auto rickshaw Walla’s…..

Looking for change with 100/- note in hand is like searching for water in desert, the whole world seems to be running out of change when I need it… (or is it a well planned conspiracy ha….??!!!)

There are two types of situation, 1st is when you know that you don’t have change (and you know you cant do anything about it) and you go to buy something, in this situation you tend to get defensive and pray that the person will not ask for change, and when you really get what you want without being asked for change, its like…… phewwww…. bach gaye….

2nd type of scenario…… You don’t even know that your running out of change until its the time for payment, and when you realize this harsh reality(of lyfe), your facial expression says that its the biggest shock of your lyfe…. and the eternal struggle to find the change starts with one of those high denomination notes in hand…. or else you end up buying more than you really want….

Imagine a scenario where after buying chewing gum for 2/- you end up buying chewing gum plus mineral water plus chocolate plus chocolate cream biscuits (!!!) plus what not…. just because you did not have change…… well, these things are not new to me….

One more….. I invariably catch the auto rickshaw and then realize that I don’t have change….when I offer 100/- note to him, he looks at it trying to copy my embarrassment as if its a fake note…..( and I feel like banging my head on the meter which reads as 9/-)….
And this thing invariably happens while coming back home…. but in this situation I take the help of my lender of the last resort… Yes my building watchman…. I have lost the number of count as to how many times I have borrowed 10/- from him. He comes across as god send savior in this moment of crisis…..

So… all you people out there who sympathize with me and reciprocate these feeling are welcome to share the views… May be together we can find out the solution for this….