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Lessons from Buffett

I Have been listening and reading to Warren Buffett since my college days, and every time I do that, I learn something new about investing and about life. What a man, what a character. I wonder how can such a hugely successful person be so simple, down to earth and humble, and the next moment I realize that, may be he is what he is because he is simple, down to earth and humble.

Like he says, its true that lot of problems in life emanates from trying to understand things we don’t need, finding complexities in things around us, lack of conviction to say NO and lack of detachment and rationality. Like in life, you need lot of conviction, rationality and simplicity in your approach while investing. It sounds so simple and easy but history has showed that not many can do it. Its more about character than intelligence.

I think Warren Buffett has more to teach about life than investing.

Don’t do anything in life where if somebody asked you the reason why you are doing it and the answer is “because everyone else is doing it”. – Warren Buffett