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दौड़ते शहेर का हिस्सा हु मै |

दौड़ते शहेर का हिस्सा हु मै,

हकीक़त में उलझा किस्सा हु मै |

हादसों के इस शहेर में,

लम्हों का सिलसिला हु मै |

य़ू आते जाते लम्हों में,

भूली बिसरी यादों का हिस्सा हु मै |


The boy and his story

Enter the classroom.

Enter the boy.

Somewhere around 1 in the afternoon, the boy, shy and reclusive, innocently enters the classroom on 1st floor of the school premise. His shoulder carrying the grayish black school bag, as simple as his water bottle in the hand, the boy always had this fascination with simple things which even attracted curios eye from teachers, but this was his way. The boy looks around in the classroom as he enters and as usual he is one of the first ones to come, only couple of students are present and the ones with whom he is not friends with, so as their eyes meet, the boy looks away and heads towards his desk. Third row from the door, 3rd bench from the front. Shy he is.

The boy settles on the bench on his half side of the bench which accommodates two, and opens the bag, looks around the text books and note books, checks if he has all the necessary stuff needed for the days “periods”. Perfect, everything is in order, all the books and even the maths homework which he did unwillingly last night.

In the meantime almost all the students are here and even the teacher, the boy is lost in thoughts so didn’t know when teacher came, he is as usual thinking about the morning prayer and wished today again his favorite prayer should be there. – “हम को मन की शक्ति देना|”

The boy never really knew the exact meaning of the prayer till he was grownup but there were something about it which attracted him. The tune, the rhythm, that chorus sound of little ones emanating from that speaker on the wall. Serene. Tranquil. It still echoes in the mind of the grown up. It does. It was never a prayer for him, it was more of a music and a song which contained some hidden meaning of life. The meaning he did not wanted to ask anyone. The meaning, he thought he would come to know some day when he will grow up and move out of the school in a big bad world. And that happened.

The long bell rang and it brought complete silence in the classroom and everyone stood up for the prayer. The boy also stood with everyone, with the familiar sound flowing from the speaker….दुसरो की जय के पहले खुद को जय करें |

– –

Happy Birthday Boy. You have seen enough to be called Man.

– –

11 July 2011

शायद वक़्त बदल ने को है |

अजब फिजा है की मौसम बदल ने को है |
यांदे है ताज़ा पर रिश्ते बदल ने को है |
आइना कहता है चेहरा वही है, पर दिल बागी होने को है |
पहेचान मिली खुद की जिनसे हमें, आज फिर से अजनबी होने को है |
जांबाज़ तो हम भी इतने थे नहीं, शायद वक़्त बदल ने को है |

Life in lines

किनारो से मरासिम जायझ नहि के हम मुसफिर है,
जहाजो के काफिले से वाकिफ है के कुछ देर से ज्यादा कहि रुक्ते नहि

फास्ले हकिकत बन गये राह चल्ते चल्ते,
हम तो रुके थे सां स लेने, वो चल दिये अकेले