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Unknown day of July..

Unknown day of July, the sun was trying to settle down somewhere in the west of the city of Mumbai, it always settles amidst that filthy looking concrete jungle, leaving rest of the work for dusk to complete.

The corner table of the Café Coffee Day popularly known as CCD was occupied by them….

He: Are you sure?
She: Yes, are you?
He: It doesn’t matter..
She: It does..
He: When you are not in a position to exercise your will it doesn’t matter what you feel.
She: That’s true but I think it’s high time we end this chapter now.
He: How can you end something which never started, we were in fools paradise.
She: Sometimes it’s great to be in fools paradise and enjoy lyfe which otherwise you can’t being among worldly wise of this society.
He: That’s good way to look at it.
She: I always told you to change the way you look at lyfe.
He: But I never did.
She: But I am sure you will.
He: Now that’s being too optimistic
She: I am
He: I will try
She: Good for you
He: may be, anyways its dusk, time to part ways.
She: Oh yes, otherwise you wont get an auto back home.
He: What was that? PJ?
She: Well, something’s in lyfe cant change. J
He: Bye
She: Goodbye

Within seconds the chairs were empty and paid bill was lying on the table with unused cappuccino. Two shadows were walking on the same road in opposite direction under the street lights.

The dusk had turned into night.