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Gospel song with a restless spirit !!

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for !

And the quest continues as you seek !! You seek love, meaning, serendipity, knowledge, happiness. And as they say, no matter what you get, what you achieve, there is always something left to be done. And that’s life.

“You broke the bonds and you
Loosed the chains
Carried the cross
Of my shame
Of my shame
You know I believed it”

There are so many wonderful things to be learn from this gospel song. The song is full of so many ambiguities and contradictions just the way life is. Even though U2 had written and composed this as a spiritual song trying to explore the religious angle, it has extremely personal appeal for the listener, specially the way in which they relate to this song. And like many of their songs, this is more than a song.

These are some of the best version of the “Gospel song with a restless spirit”, as Bono calls it. I am posting here some of my favorite versions.

Live in Paris

From the album Rattle and Hum.

U2 with Gospel Choir

Bono with another legend, Bruce Springsteen

Live in Washington DC


The song of Hope

And here I am again attempting to write about music. This time it’s about the song that has literally taken my imagination to new level and every time its different enlightening experience. I dont know exactly how but music has been always enlightening experience for me and every single time I get lost in the rhythm and melody and beats and it just takes me to the state of trance.

There are some songs which just occupies your mind and makes its presence felt in your daily routine life again and again. In my case it is like the song that makes its guest appearance several times through out the day. This cameo kind of appearance is like a continuum like as in all the different mood of that song and those particular moments will flash for me in split second that leaves me wondering for more and….sigh, rest i cant describe in words !!!

Aazaadiyan from the movie Udaan composed by effervescent Amit Trivedi is my latest obsession. In hindsight if I look, I have wriiten only about With or without you previously and no other song in particular and here I am writing about this *adjective I cant think of* song.

To start with the lyrics I must confess that I am completely blown away with the lyrics of this songs and not just this song but the entire album of Udaan, it is breath of fresh air amid chaos of some filth of disgraced musical lyrics specially in hindi movies. I wish Amit Trivedi who composed the music for this movie and Amitabh Bhattacharya who wrote the lyrics and Neuman Pinto who contributed with vocals make a Rock Band. Personally I rate this song at par with any other U2 or Pink Floyd track in terms of quality, composition etc and that I think is a very big thing for me. I dont know much about the technicality of the music but the way traditional sitar is interwoven in this whole piece is just amazing, specially when the it comes into play for the second time in the song, I literally get the goosebumps in my stomach.

The song ends on a very interesting note. I really like these lyrics which gives hint of confusion and a hope both at the same time. Beautiful fusion of emotions.

कहानी ख़त्म है या शुरुआत होने को है
सुबह नयी है ये या फिर रात होने को है
आने वाला वक़्त देगा पनाहे
या फिर से मिलेंगे दो रहे
खबर क्या, क्या पता

This song is a celebration of youth. This song is celebration of life and dreams. This song is celebration of hope, THAT IS.

(3rd March 2011)


January has already gone and I am yet to decide on my new year resolutions. Its already late so I have decide to try something new from this time onward because its better to fail at new things every time rather then disappointing yourself with same mistake again and again.

So here it goes… the name of this improvisation is PROJECT FEBRUARY.
Such ‘MISSION’ like name cause am hoping it will motivate me to atleast try sincerely to complete this. Logic is that I will note down certain random things of my interest which I will try and complete in one month apart from my normal work which earns me bread and butter (though I survive mostly on fruits)

So here it goes… PROJECT FEBRUARY aims following things…

# – Complete three half read books i.e. ‘Superfreakonomics’, ‘Black Swan and ‘A better India, a better world’ and start two new.

# – Watch two movies.

# – Meet KKPS friends which is not happening for quite some time now.

# – Post atleast three blog entries

# – Start the studies for the April exam.

# – Get ready with the blueprint of GENESIS

# – Be part of one good cause (???)

Keeping my fingers crossed

So far….

Lyfe – 1999 – bhuta – mummy – pratish – shailesh – bhumika – nagardas – cambridge – gujarati – english – ssc – commerce – tolani – confusion – friends – world – politics – kunal – sandy – reading – books – mihir – faisal – karan – goldflake – music – nishit – arvind – 2004 – beaches – compassion – pseudo – frozen-thoughts – internet – yahoo – cat – sapna – july – blogging – karma -nightmare – iipm -apurva – jignesh- money – mukund – knowledge- dipali -london – beautiful – lull – reena – mba – heartbreak – anger – random – madness – inertia – sadness – words – 2008 – icici – poonam- philosophy – feelings – learning – 2009 – unlearning – relearning – dharmi – kkps – orkut – kunjal – dhruti – dreams- regrets – mistakes – nirvana – wisdom – razr – 202 – andheri – india – ccd – u2 – markets- sensex- ideas – 11 – pinkfloyd – ethics – wowy – fridays – sagar-apts- business – frustation – greed – marriage – obsession – problems – pleasure – kutch

…. not in chronological order and in same intensity. “I”, “ME”, “MYSELF” is sum of these parts, so far…!!

25th November 2009

The Autorickshaw Diaries

Inspired by the recently read book Motorcycle diaries by legendary personality CHE Guevara, I thought of writing this but thankfully this inspiration is confined to only title and not the content.

For long Mumbai has been identified with local trains and omnipresent BEST buses but autorickshaw has not been given its due may be because its area of operations has been restricted to half of Mumbai ie Mumbai suburbs

Travelling in auto rickshaw in Mumbai has been part of growing up in Mumbai for last as many years as I can remember, from the age when I was allowed to travel with 3 permitted adults as a kid to the age when I am considered among adults.

Likeness for autorickshaw is a subjective thing, if you are driving in your so called air-conditioned four wheel sedan, it will seem like unwanted creature crawling on the road and creating lot of troubles and you will inexorably end up uttering four, five or six letter words based on your linguistic influence and vocabulary preferences….. but if you are stuck somewhere and there is no other mode of travelling then it will come across as god send savior in the moment of crisis. Fortunately or unfortunately I have experienced both.

It’s an experience of a kind to travel in autorickshaw on Mumbai roads which are often used in same connotation as in moon’s surface. Talking about experience of travelling in autorickshaw… most of them have music system which will give you inferiority complex about your music system at home but unfortunately they typically play some unheard old hindi film songs or Altaf Raja kind of music (!!!) or Himesh Reshmiya with extra beats(!!!???##%%^&#) which sounds more like nuisance then music.

Broadly there are four categories of drivers in the roads of Mumbai which has some typical common traits among their respective categories. These are Motorcyclist, car drivers, bus drivers and autorickshaw drivers. All these categories are topic of separate discussion but talking about autorickshaw drivers, I think they are the most restless breed of drivers nurtured indigenously on the roads of Mumbai which can not be reproduced anywhere in the world. Even if they have scanty piece of automobile in their hand they drive it like some 100 horse powered engineering marvel. On the face of it, autorickshaw looks like some alien vehicle, cross breed between bajaj scooter and some delivery van.

Another interesting aspect of autorickshaw as per my observation comes from the people who use it for travelling. Owing to cosmopolitan (!!) nature of Amchi Mumbai, people from different walks of lyfe likes to call it in a many different ways such as AUTORICKSHAW, RICKSHAW, AUTO, RICK and some indigenous names like RIKSHO by typical gujju maniben or MENDHAK by car drivers because of the way it looks.

The most interesting part about autorickshaw for me is its fare. For last many years minimum fare is fixed at Rs 9 which is BATA style of pricing. Generally neither drivers have inclination to give the one rupee back nor do travelers have interest in taking the one rupee back but speaking about myself had I taken back all those one rupee coins over the years, by now I would have been in a position to buy my own autorickshaw.


The Untold Saga

The other day I found myself without pen in the lecture and I had to borrow it (how pathetic) from someone else. It wasn’t for the first time but this incident made nostalgia struck me like a seawave, the whole affair…. the intimate and one of a kind with the beautiful thing called PEN.

There have been myriad of experiences with the pen.
I was never a brand conscious or never cared to think of using any other colour then ubiquitous blue… Until one day when I was in class 9th when one of my teacher after so called analysis of my writing suggested to use a black pen… According to her, placing of words and distance between two words in my writing meant that I have lot of things running in my mind and I am not able to express myself and this kind of writing will look good in black….
I am still wondering what she meant by this but since then I am using only black pen….

There was a time in school when I tried all kinds and types of pens be it gel or ink or ball point, but finally I settled for ball point pen and that too only Mitsubishi black ( I know its a news for many people that Mitsubishi also makes pen.)
I am religiously using Mitsubishi pens for past almost 10 years. Its funny but I used to tell my friends in school childishly that if this company stops making the pen, I will stop writing….!! And still when I meet those friends they curiously ask me “Do you still use Mitsubishi black pen?” only to get a big smile from me….

One honest confession…. the secret is out now….
Not many people know this but I used to collect empty refills of my black pen…. I still have those…. and here I am laughing at it…. bizarre it was….

There is one more interesting aspect about me and my pens…. I keep losing them… I really hate someone asking me for my pen because noone bothers to return it.
My college library was one unforgettable place for me where I had lost more then 50 pens in 5 years and I used to wonder how to react when the librarian herself used to ask for pen….

After so much blabbering about pen, how can I forget the PENCIL….? NO matter who the person is, he or she must have had pencil in the hand at first attempt of writing in his or her lyfe…. The journey starts from here…. so all you educated, learned, intelligent people out there should express your gratitude towards pencil… Lolz…

I was shopping for books and landed up in stationary section of the store and out of curiosity bought one box of pencil because it’s been ages since I have bought a pencil. I used to take it from my cousins studying in school whenever I needed one so I never knew that simple thing like pencil have been hit so hard by inflation and became expensive…)

When I was in school there were two major brands of pencil, Natraj and Apsara… and I never liked Natraj because it came in red colour and preferred Apsara because of its black and silver colour. And I dint quite understood the technicality of types and kinds of pencils such as HB HP and what not… I preferred HP because to me it simply meant Hitesh Patel….

I still prefer writing with pencil wherever possible because I just love the sound of friction between graphite and paper while writing…. I can’t get enough of it….

Interestingly I never liked any sophisticated penpencil and enjoyed simple traditional wooden pencil and yes I hate pencil with eraser on top…. it looks ugly….
Pencil – A thin graphite stick covered with wood, as simple as that, right….? Wrong, as a small kid I used to wonder how the hell they put this black thing inside the wood…. Lols….

BTW have you ever wondered sharpening the pencil is an art and the waste that comes out as a result of sharpening can tell you lot about your skill and the quality of the pencil….

Isn’t it amazing…. what say……?

That’s it for the time being about this untold saga. Time for you to refresh the memories entwined around omnipresent pen and pencil in your lyfe…. meanwhile ill go and sharpen my pencil….

AHA Moments of Lyfe….

They rightly say we miss out on small moments of joy in pursuit of bigger ones. It’s not only the big achievements and feats and accolades that counts, you have got to learn and enjoy smaller things that makes you happy and makes you learn to enjoy and understand the nuances of lyfe….

These are some random Aha moments (!!!) as I like to call them, which are adding up that extra bit of fun and happiness in my lyfe which effortlessly brings smile on my face reminding that the lyfe is beautiful – its worth living every moment……

> An evening on beach

> Buying a new book (And the best part is, I read them too…. J)

> Glancing through frozen times.

> Posting a blog entry and getting a comment.

> Spending Sunday evening with friends over gentlemanly deeds. (Needs no further explanation)

> Listening to Friday Night Love Show by Fali was one such moment.

> Nostalgia in the moments of solitude.

> Reading “Cosmic Uplink” in ET editorial early in the morning.

> Random discussions with friends over a dose of caffeine at CCD.

> Listening to With Or Without You after short hiatus.

> Dressing up in black on anyday anytime….

> Being alone in crowd.

These are not the only but some of the many of those AHA Momentz…. How about yours…..?