I am :

Jack of many trades | Gypsy at heart | Loner in crowd | Traveller | Agnostic | Lost

I am, sum of the parts.

– –

I like to think that we are lost since birth and what we call life, is actually the search that happens while we exist. Some get it, some don’t. And whatever we are doing and the experiences that we go through, invariably leads to the discovery of lot of questions and their answers, many of which are existential. The journey leads us from unknown to known.

I am lost and I am searching. Hoping to get there some day, sooner or later. This blog is an attempt to capture this moving search, realizations, experiences, thoughts, emotions and evolution of existence.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Reena

    new introduction of an old friend..

    “the difference between I and Hitesh is that former is what I think of myself and the later is what the world think of me.”
    so true..

    world see you as contrasts..bit of …intelligent yet fool..insensitive yet emotional.. generous yet selfish..arrogant yet humble..
    world is yet to understand you..

  2. Dhruti


    loved your into…

    the way you have described you and Hitesh…the known self to you and known hitesh to the world…so different yet parts of the one…

    made me thinking about myself…

    As always would love to read your blog…

    take care

  3. Somya Singh

    Well, this is really impressive.. 🙂
    However, I have two doubts:
    1. Why is “introvert” mentioned twice under the heading “who am I”? Intentional?
    2. Why is “Life” spelled as “Lyfe”?


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