Happy endings !!

Happy endings !!! Is there anything like that which exist in real life. Isn’t it very subjective thing ?

Most of the time our wants and expectations from things, relationships and people are so high that in reality we think everything ends abruptly. It so happens with us sometimes that end of a novel or a movie leaves us wanting for more. It is only in hindsight we realize that it was the logical end, happy or otherwise.

“The end” when you least expect, will always come with element of surprise and shock.  It will depend more on how you take it, accept it and deal with it.


3 thoughts on “Happy endings !!

  1. Stefanie S. Gamble

    The presence of a happy ending is one of the key points that distinguishes melodrama from tragedy . In certain periods, the endings of traditional tragedies such as Macbeth or Oedipus Rex , in which most of the major characters end up dead, disfigured, or discountenanced, have been actively disliked. In the eighteenth century, the Irish author Nahum Tate sought to improve Shakespeare ‘s King Lear in his own heavily modified version in which Lear survives and Cordelia marries Edgar. Most subsequent critics have not found Tate’s amendments an improvement. Happy endings have also been fastened to Romeo and Juliet and Othello . Not everybody agrees on what a happy ending is.

  2. Paula

    There is no such thing as a happy ending at least not according to me. End in itself means something terminated, so it can only be good if the thing terminated is a bad experience. That I should call a happy ending – but I would call it a fortunate ending. The fact that everything in this life is provisional and it all ends makes us justifiably believe that happiness does not exist. What exists are moments of happiness we try to cling on. My best to you, HItesh


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