Time flies

Growing up has always been a part of our life but unfortunately we never consciously get to know “that” fact. Its only when you spent some quiet time alone, you realize that something has changed. One more interesting thing about growing up is that you never grow uniformly. And this uneven growth is what defines our personalities.

Its been more than 6 years now I have been writing and maintaining this blog. When I started, I could never imagine that it will survive for six long years. In all these years, the blog has not really kept pace with my time. Sometimes it went ahead and sometimes languished behind, but it has always been a companion. In this process, the blog has been through many changes in its avatars and even saw one name change. It all happened.

There was a time when I used to post twice or thrice or even more in a month and there came a time when I dint posted anything for almost months together. But silently, quietly it has always been there, observing and witnessing this growing up. People came and went, things happened, life happened, and this blog saw everything unfolding. It also saw the birth of two new blogs, one that is personal diary and other, nirvanatrails about the new hobby/interest, photography.

It has given me an opportunity to know many people, which I may not have known in its absence and which contributed to the growth as I mentioned earlier. Directly or indirectly it became the reason for/behind many things. It introduced me to writing. It taught me to express myself in a better way which was true blessing for introvert like me.

Here’s hoping to continue this journey, for times to come.


15 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. AshaS

    I guess what is important is you keep writing although infrequently, but you do. Rest everything falls in place unprecedentedly as you pretty much noticed. Keep them coming. I’d say, OFTEN! 🙂

  2. Sarin Ishaque

    Loved how you shared your thoughts about your blogging journey. And I completely agree with the fact that yes, time really does seem to be flying nowadays. Infact, I, myself, have a blog on Time flying by the name of ‘Yet, nothing’, you may check it.
    I can totally relate to this 🙂

  3. Subhabrata Dasgupta

    It’s my first visit to your blog. Congratulations on completing six years!
    I like the idea of a blog as a companion, silently witnessing our life events. And many years down the line, when we read those old posts, we can discover that lost ‘old’ us again.Great post!

    1. Hitesh Patel Post author

      Thank you Shubhabrata. Glad you liked the blog and prompted you to comment. Really appreciate it.

      This is the way I take my blog and you are right, when move on in life, this is the best way to find the lost and old “US”.


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