इंसान हु मै कहता है वो !!

इंसान हु मै कहता है वो,
रोटी नहीं घर में, फिर भी मज़हब पे लड़ता है वो

गले में तावीज़, हाथ में धागा, जेब में चालीसा रखता है वो,
फिर भी आज़ाद खुद को समजता है वो

ज़मीन पे सरहद, दिलों में नफरत रखता है वो,
कुदरत की देन पे, ये तेरा ये मेरा करता है वो

खुद बनायीं लकीरों में हयात के मानी तलाशता है वो,
ला-हासिल इस मक़सद पे भटकता है वो

तसव्वुर के खुदा को पूजता है वो, दीन धरम पे लड़ता जगडता,
इंसान ही को काफिर कहता है वो

बग़ैर ईमान कोई, जन्नत की हसरत रखता है वो,
इंसान हु मै कहता है वो


Seeking Wisdom

Almost a year since I attended Vipasana at Igatpuri. 10 days that could change life.

One year of solitude and catching up with all the reading. One year of new hobbies, initiatives and ideas, one year of meeting new people.

One year of traveling, wandering, exploring places and experiencing hidden realities of life. One year of life outside the comfort zone. One year of hits and misses, stumbling and getting up again to face the next day !!

And at the end of it all, I realize, all those who wander are not lost !!

18th October 2014

Gospel song with a restless spirit !!

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for !

And the quest continues as you seek !! You seek love, meaning, serendipity, knowledge, happiness. And as they say, no matter what you get, what you achieve, there is always something left to be done. And that’s life.

“You broke the bonds and you
Loosed the chains
Carried the cross
Of my shame
Of my shame
You know I believed it”

There are so many wonderful things to be learn from this gospel song. The song is full of so many ambiguities and contradictions just the way life is. Even though U2 had written and composed this as a spiritual song trying to explore the religious angle, it has extremely personal appeal for the listener, specially the way in which they relate to this song. And like many of their songs, this is more than a song.

These are some of the best version of the “Gospel song with a restless spirit”, as Bono calls it. I am posting here some of my favorite versions.

Live in Paris

From the album Rattle and Hum.

U2 with Gospel Choir

Bono with another legend, Bruce Springsteen

Live in Washington DC

Happy endings !!

Happy endings !!! Is there anything like that which exist in real life. Isn’t it very subjective thing ?

Most of the time our wants and expectations from things, relationships and people are so high that in reality we think everything ends abruptly. It so happens with us sometimes that end of a novel or a movie leaves us wanting for more. It is only in hindsight we realize that it was the logical end, happy or otherwise.

“The end” when you least expect, will always come with element of surprise and shock.  It will depend more on how you take it, accept it and deal with it.

Lessons from Buffett

I Have been listening and reading to Warren Buffett since my college days, and every time I do that, I learn something new about investing and about life. What a man, what a character. I wonder how can such a hugely successful person be so simple, down to earth and humble, and the next moment I realize that, may be he is what he is because he is simple, down to earth and humble.

Like he says, its true that lot of problems in life emanates from trying to understand things we don’t need, finding complexities in things around us, lack of conviction to say NO and lack of detachment and rationality. Like in life, you need lot of conviction, rationality and simplicity in your approach while investing. It sounds so simple and easy but history has showed that not many can do it. Its more about character than intelligence.

I think Warren Buffett has more to teach about life than investing.

Don’t do anything in life where if somebody asked you the reason why you are doing it and the answer is “because everyone else is doing it”. – Warren Buffett

Time flies

Growing up has always been a part of our life but unfortunately we never consciously get to know “that” fact. Its only when you spent some quiet time alone, you realize that something has changed. One more interesting thing about growing up is that you never grow uniformly. And this uneven growth is what defines our personalities.

Its been more than 6 years now I have been writing and maintaining this blog. When I started, I could never imagine that it will survive for six long years. In all these years, the blog has not really kept pace with my time. Sometimes it went ahead and sometimes languished behind, but it has always been a companion. In this process, the blog has been through many changes in its avatars and even saw one name change. It all happened.

There was a time when I used to post twice or thrice or even more in a month and there came a time when I dint posted anything for almost months together. But silently, quietly it has always been there, observing and witnessing this growing up. People came and went, things happened, life happened, and this blog saw everything unfolding. It also saw the birth of two new blogs, one that is personal diary and other, nirvanatrails about the new hobby/interest, photography.

It has given me an opportunity to know many people, which I may not have known in its absence and which contributed to the growth as I mentioned earlier. Directly or indirectly it became the reason for/behind many things. It introduced me to writing. It taught me to express myself in a better way which was true blessing for introvert like me.

Here’s hoping to continue this journey, for times to come.

Questions !!!

What am I doing here? Is there any purpose? If there is any purpose, why am I wondering like a nomad? Who brought me here and for what?

What am I suppose to do now? Karma? What for? Why? And most importantly how?

Nobody asked for my permission before getting me here !! No talks, discussion, consent. Nothing. Now why should I follow the rules? Rules? Who made these rules? Society? Who gave them right to decide what I am suppose to do? What is good and what is right? Why should I follow the definition of right and wrong by the society.

Is society perfect after it defined right and wrong? Has rules and law made this world better place? No? Then why should I fucking follow them.